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Pina Colada

Enjoy the summer with this great new flavor! This tropical treat will take you straight to sand, surf and sun!

Orange Chocolate

This vibrant combination of flavors is something you must try this season! Orange and chocolate come together to create a truly unique experience for everyone!

Vanilla Chocolate cone

Experience the delight of two of your favorite flavors in one cone!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fields of fluffy cake and showers of sweet strawberries, all blended in a manner no cheesecake fan can resist!

Chocolate Crispies

Crispy chocolate in a tantalizing realm of pure bliss.

Vanilla Choco Nuts

With a splash of vanilla, a dash of nuts, and a drizzle of mouth-watering chocolate sauce, Vanilla Choco Nuts aims to deliver a perfect blend of all the things you love!

Caramel Crunch

Crunchy delight encased in a smooth caramel filling, Caramel Crunch takes you straight to dessert wonderland.

vanilla strawberry

Fresh, plump, juicy strawberries with a generous helping of vanilla, surrounded on all sides by crispy cone. It's the kind of traffic you'd want to get stuck in!


Funties boasts a creamy vanilla filling, bursts of chocolate chips and a topping of colourful bunties that will send you on a trip down memory lane!