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Milk and milk products are consumed daily by many people across the world. They provide important nutrients, such as protein, calcium and vitamins B2 and B12, and are regarded as part of a healthy, balanced diet by food authorities from all over the world. With high-quality milk products Engro Foods wants to make a contribution to healthy and sustainable nutrition for all people, at all ages, now and in the future. Therefore product quality, safety and sustainability are central to our strategy. Our purpose is nourishing by nature, which stands for better nutrition for our consumers, a good living for our farmers, now and for generations to come.

The activities and objectives of Engro Foods concerning better nutrition have been formulated in accordance with FrieslandCampina nutrition policy guidelines, based on WHO Global Action Plan and is in line with two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: reduce hunger in the world and promote good health and well-being. Our nutrition policy describes basic principles for a healthier product range, responsible communication and lifestyle education programmes. Additionally, it shows our commitment to make our products and the right nutrients accessible to more people.

“Strong Banega Pakistan”

A sustainability campaign launched to counter malnutrition in children on World Milk Day

June 2018:

Engro Foods along with Governor Sindh Mr. Mohammad Zubair launched Strong Banega Pakistan campaign with children from SOS Village. MD Engro foods, Ali Ahmed Khan said that every Pakistani child has a right to healthy nutrition, and Public and Private sector need to play their roles in countering the challenge of malnutrition amongst children. The children of SOS Village were invited at the launch of strong Banega Pakistan Campaign to take a pledge to drink 2 glasses of safe and healthy milk each day. Governor Sindh also donated milk for the children of SOS Village, on the occasion. This is the first step where Governor Sindh and EFL has come together to highlight the imperative need of efforts from Public and Private sector to eliminate the causes of malnutrition which is resulting in stunted/impaired growth in the children. Governor Sindh appreciated Engro Foods sustainability campaign of ‘Strong Banega Pakistan’, which shows their commitment towards a healthier and stronger nation. Governor Sindh said that we must appreciate and support this initiative, in every way we can. Children are our future and fulfillment of their nutritional needs is of immense importance. A strong awareness campaign is also required to highlight the issue further. Parents must be apprised of the importance of ensuring drinking of milk by their children. He said that it was very unfortunate that in spite of being the 3rd largest milk producing country, Pakistan still remains the second most malnourished Country in Asia. Pakistan is the world's fifth-most-populous country in the world, the children of Pakistan make 42% of its population, who need our help and support. Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director of Engro Foods Limited said that EFL is committed to provide safe and healthy products to the consumers. The low-consumption of safe and healthy milk among children has resulted in leaving half of Pakistani children malnourished and stunted their growth. EFL’s campaign is an effort to build awareness about the gravity of malnutrition and being the market leader in Pakistan’s dairy industry, Engro Foods has assumed the responsibility to build this awareness. We believe when the children of our nation are healthy, the future of our nation will be strong”. It is pertinent to mention here that the unprocessed open milk available in the market has high aflatoxin levels, which makes it hazardous for consumption and can lead to liver failure and cancer. The unawareness in consumers has exposed them to these health issues hence the problems of stunted growth and malnutrition among Children continues to grow. Engro Foods Limited was represented by their Pakistan Leadership team, Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan Managing Director, Mr. Imran Hussain CFO, Mr. Haseeb ur Rahman Director Marketing, Mr. Usman Abid Director Human Resources, Mr. Rehan Saeed GM Regulatory Affairs and Ms. Nageen Rizvi Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability.



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